Saab 2000, a British Airways turboprop plane carrying up to 50 passengers, nearly collided with a Kongming lamp flying high above the Isle of Man on its way to London City Airport, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. The crew were shocked when they saw the Kongming lights less than 100 feet away.

    When the crew spotted the Kongming lights, the airliner was flying at 400 miles an hour, about 20,000 feet above the ground (about 6096 meters). At that time, the Kongming lights were close to the left wing of the aircraft and slightly higher than the fuselage. Seeing this situation, the pilot immediately warned the air dispatcher that due to the timely and proper handling, the aircraft successfully avoided the orifice lights, and all the crew on board were in a state of alarm.

    The accident took place at 5:30 p.m. on July 30, but it was not until recently that the UK Airprox Board made it public.

    It is alleged that the reason why the Kongming Lamp flew so high in the British Airlines incident was due to the airflow. At present, the report has listed the incident as the highest possible level of collision, with a serious risk of collision.

    A spokesman for British Airways stressed that "the safety of passengers and crew is always our top priority. 我们很重视这样的事件和鼓励我们的飞行员报告及时,有关部门可以查明情况并采取适当的行动。英国官员警告称,孔明灯可能造成飞机和野生动物的危险,甚至引起火灾,当他们落在地上。